(speculative thread) ideas for a mk3



some of my friends don’t like screens too :slight_smile:

I think there is two kinds of hardware sequencers

  1. the DAW alternatives
    they absolutely need a screen (to display harmonies, with complex chords, or complex time signatures for polyrhythms, automation curves, name of the tracks and midi channels…instrument definitions!.. etc. without a screen it seems complicated)

  2. simpler sequencers (in their approach of sequencing)
    like analog sequencers
    the circuit indeed, the beatstep, the deluge (ok there is a little screen on these ones …:wink: )
    or the giant Misa Digital nsc-32!

Actually, I think there is more choice in this kind of sequencers than on the first one
(except the Pyramid and the Cirklon there is no “serious” modern midi sequencer on the market to be a real alternative to DAWs for a full hardware setup)


I don’t know if I’d really like it, but I used to wonder why there weren’t more hardware/iPad/editor hybrids. I think I’d enjoy having the option to do 80% on the hardware without a screen, then plug in an iPad or computer with a really slick real-time editor to do the remaining 20%.

The axoloti synth is similar to this idea in a way; once you program it, you no longer need the digital umbilical cord tying you to a computer.

@TheLoudest although I like your dichotomy of hardware sequencers, I’m not sure it must be that way. As I admitted, I’m not smart enough to develop such a device, but I think it could be done, especially if I allow for a simple LED display. Fun to ponder.


I stick on what I said. Of course only based on the temporary OS.

an extension of pyramid is what we need . Even the NI Machine and Jam are controllers, extensions of their sequencers.
Novation launchpad is cheap and quite versatile yes, but is not fitting. To say “and probably Patterns” isn’t enough for me. It will not work smoothly .
I bet my point is solid.
No screens, no memory, no nothing out of pyramid logic… 100 euro for such a thing is worth it ! I don’t say it should be at now. But Why not? Hey !!! to control 64 tracks and dozens of instrumetns could be quite heavy to handle.

I feel right in this . For once, sorry, I feel so right. dear @TheLoudest


sorry guys I didn’t want to start a debate
if there is still no 3.0 update, please, don’t blame me for that :wink:
I really want that mk1/mk2 go as far as possible!
it is not the point here
and I love controllers : @Fabulous it is a good idea!


Thank you @Jeff !! <3

DOn’t worry @TheLoudest and me are no debating, we are all mates here !!
@TheLoudest is a nice guy and is coll to talk with him, ever ! …
It is just that I want just to win at this point :smiley:


Yes! I confirm
no problem :kissing_heart:
in the end, we all want that Squarp Instruments continue to grow and, personally, I would always be happy to see they release a new product
(I was happy for the Hermod even if I’m not a potential buyer for this one)


…and I’m desperate to have absolutely no info about 3.0 :dizzy_face::cold_sweat::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Agree with the last one . I am also happy for the Hermod in the same way of you @TheLoudest :wink:

Also … years before the V2 comes out ( actually there will be not a mkiii but if will be, must be a V2) is a lot of time.
We can aspect really other things coming out maiinwhile… designing a new sequencer while trying to go further and beyond the other companies to win on market takes a lot of time and effort.

I would rather prefer to see Squarp creating stuff around Pyramid V1 in order to make it as competitive as the v2.
…in this case a proper pyramid launchpad, or jam or whatever, will enable a lot of what pyramid didn’t count before.
not the way novation or NI sees it , but as WE see it.
That is how I see a company with heart , loving and so respecting deeply their costumers !


the issue is squarp unfortunately did not add USB host port, only USB device port… this makes sense for the computer connectivity, but is an issue for controllers… this means you cannot connect a controller directly, your going to need to introduce a host - not a huge problem, e.g. Ive got a rPI which I can connect the squarp too, and then I cannot connect my Push 2 to the rPI , which is kind of ok, as I need to introduce software for the mapping anyway - but its not ideal.

also frankly, pyramidi is going to need an overhaul to allow a controller to do anything more serious … the current implementation is pretty limited, and also ‘wasteful’ of the few messages midi allows :wink:
(Id love to see this improved in 3.0)

and unfortunately, your not going to get much for 100 euro … unless its going to sells lots, unlikely for a pyramid ‘add on’



…well if “pyramidi is going to need an overhaul to allow a controller to do anything more serious”, let’s hope that then!
Everything necessary for do that would be really appreciated.
I don’t think there is something more serious than the ability of controlling Pyramid with a secondary Squarp Hardware.
About the price well, 100 euro is just a “speculative” proposal based on novation launchpad target price. But I would pay more surely :stuck_out_tongue: sincerelly .

Well, well , well … We have some year still to see what developments will be,
In case Launchpad pro will update to pattern launch ( as the @TheLoudest said ) and pyramid not moving one finger my choice will be obvious.
I am also surethat the squarp commnity is not interested in anything they have to program them self so, launchpad novation or similars are not in interests for many of us. But if Squarp would release a pattern/track/sequence launchpad I bet all squarpers will become interested without being implored. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just like this but for MIDI only.

Whatever happened to this machine?? the company behind it have disappeared?


looks really horrible


yeah…not fan of the Rhizome either…
(indeed the company encountered some problems then disappeared)
plus, we don’t need such a big screen for PyraOS
the design proposed by @Jeff is really close of what already exists on the Pyramid, so this makes it much more likely than a complete redesign…
in a nutshell, just two (better) screens, a more powerful engine, 2 encoders more, then a joystick instead of a touchpad (and this last change could be facultative imo…)
but maybe PyraOS 3.0 will give us new perspectives … :wink:



touch screen for arping games, pitch&mod, is awesome.
wha the hell guys. Touch screen is awesome!
make it more little, add what you want but don’t remove the good shit out of my pyramid.


Touch screens are horrible IMO.
The way to go is to have screens with knobs and buttons underneath, like in Push, and Maschine, and the Rhizome (which was overkill).


yes, I think what @Fabulous meant is “touchpad”

indeed, we dont need a “touchscreen” with PyraOS
actually, I use apps on iOS/Android devices, the MPC Live etc. and I find that having a touchpad next to the screen is much more convenient than a touchscreen
(because the screen is not hidden by the hand/fingers)

the touchpad is very useful to draw automation curves on the Pyramid :slight_smile:
let’s hope that Squarp will implement interpolation or a way to automatically “smooth” the curves so we will can use this function even more


what about having a touchscreen to enhance editing capabilities ?

  • event multi-selection ( e.g. notes on piano roll )
  • direct / in-place event-automation drawing
  • drag & drop
  • zoom-level
  • in track / in song current view position

I think it could help a lot .
I love faders, knobs, buttons and I think any instrument should always leverage them, to provide rapid, precise input ( cannot think without them ).
I think also “actual hand” is the fastest pointing device



hm I don’t know… I don’t like touchscreens very much
like I said, I use apps on touchscreen devices and a MPC Live and I find that the editing capabilities of the Pyramid are actually better (more efficient)
in fact, on the Pyramid you can already “touch” the notes (or the chords) : it is the steps, on the pads,
and it is actually a better physical sensation than a flat (and cold) touchscreen :smiley:

same thing for the zoom,
in the end, it is more precise than finger gestures I guess

I love pad combos on PyraOS, when you master them it allows to work very quickly

and about automations drawing, again, I think it is better to have a touchpad next to the screen

in brief, I prefer use “physical controls”, pads and encoders (as much as possible) than a touchscreen :slight_smile:

we saw (in this thread) that some users even prefer sequencers without screen!
personnally I cant do anything without a screen
but just to display the informations, like a visual feedback, not to control the parameters

also, I think that a sequencer whose workflow is entirely dependant on the screen is a lot less interesting in the “hardware sequencer” category…
(too close from solutions like DAW+computer or iOS devices…)


I agree with that.
I didn’t mean to depend entirely on touch ( avoid!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
I just imagine an interaction companion.

I personally “hate” smart device for what they represents and “hate” their lack of feeling-feedback ( think to software pianos on Android. unusable at least. ) .

I love to have hands-on on all parameters via physical controls.
I waited for years to get a modern hardware sequencer and when I discovered pyramid, I immediately felt in love with it.

Beside that, I’ve found a bit “hard” to access selective editing on pyramid.
( thinking to pyramid’s event range-selection . I think it is absolutely not easy/immediate to use )
I can get used to it, but definitely not fast.


of course I agree that part could be improved
especially the representation of the “selected events” on the screen (not very precise…)
both on the piano roll and on the automation screen
(for example the selected area is currently global, it would be better if the display show the selection note-by-note)

(…and a high-resolution color screen could help… :wink:
even more a dual screen)