Speculation - Not a real suggestion - PAD vs POTS - FX

Two days ago I thought , does exist the MIDI Reverb? I think is pretty much impossible.
Maybe Echo?
MMh…maybe not
I would love those kind .
From 12 to 16 the step is short. It is nice to think things on Pyramid even better if they are perfectly suited with the physical body of it, no?
Those 16 pads can be used for more tasks I think and I may suggest one today ( if someone care of this suggestion of course ) if you permit me @squarpadmin

Pads for FX.
If Pyramid would have , not just 12, but 16 FX , I would have make it working like that.

**One pad per FX. Assign it first. **
**Press FX and one random PAD: Launch One effect ! that automatically starts ( like when assigned now ) **
Now you have the 5 Pots to can control the FX

You’ve seen the Delay midi effect on the Pyramid I assume? That’s similar to Echo, no?

To me is more similar to delay :stuck_out_tongue: @pea