Sounds from multiple "kits" - Squarp Rample

I often don’t know which samples I want to have together.

I know Rample has layers, but I run into difficulties when I want to use a sample from one kit (for example A3) with a sound from another kit (for example D2).

I really wish there was a way to scroll through and audition samples and build a kit live.

Just double checking this isn’t possible?

It seems a bit odd that we are expected to know which samples we are going to want to combine in advance?

Yeah I hear ya. I usually do this on my PC. It’s pretty easy to copy and paste samples/layers to a new folder. I like to customize BD, SN, and HH combos. I also like to take melodic sounds and set up euclidean/random triggers to get a Marbles-like thing going. But yes unfortunately there is not a way to set up custom folders on the module itself.

Thanks for the response.

It would be so cool to be able to somehow scroll through and select samples for each channel individually.

I think the kit workflow is pretty nice, but for sure it implies preparation work…
that I guess in some way is the anti-thesis of eurorack (for many)
… though in fairness, managing samples is laborious enough, its probably better done on big computer screen.

(that said, pretty much doesnt matter how samples are managed, I still hate the process :laughing: )

yeah, it be nice…
though, in practice I suspect not that useful given the size of the screen with anything like a linear list of samples… as, you can’t really see filenames very well, and just auditioning sounds would be pretty tedious too.

I suspect to be useful, it’d have to be done in a completely different way, with some kind of tag/hierarchical structure to samples for finding and then selecting samples to add to a kit.
but that’s a huge amount of dev effort, so Id guess quite unlikely to happen, but you never know.

anyway… please send feature requests/suggestions to squarp via the contact page

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Yeah that would be cool: Ability to load samples from different folders.

Thanks, I’ve sent this through as a feature request to Squarp.

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