Something like Elektron Logical Trig Conditions?

I’ve played with the chance midi fx, it’s great. Instead of just a percentage, I’d love to be able to specify that a note play every Nth time of M times through the sequence, a la Elektron trig conditions when you set them to something like "2:4: or “6:6”. I feel like this might be possible, but I’m just not seeing it. If not, I’ll make a feature request for sure. Ideas? Thank you.


I’m fairly sure this is not presently possible. Great idea!

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as you say, the only thing possible is to change the chance % on step, (and sync %)
there is no concept,on the pyramid, of if this has been triggered previously (so PRE) or a play count.

so yeah, needs to go to squarp via the contact form


Keep in mind devices like the OT are 8 Tracks where the Pyramid is 64 Tracks and can only output to 48 possible MIDI Channels (if using all 3 ports).

You can easily set up one Track for your main loop, and any Events you wish to occur every 4 iterations can just be its own Track set to the same MIDI destination if it is a new Event.

Or you can create a “control” channel that sends out CCs that control MIDI Fx on your initial Track set to different cycles.


I asked for this a few years back and was told it was not possible, unfortunately. On the bright side as Pyramid allows longer patterns a fairly ok workaround can be to create your pattern, duplicate length, make some edits, duplicate length, make some more edits, repeat until you have some nicely evolving sequence. Another idea is to use chance on a longer repeating pattern, use the fx automation to turn chance on/off for certain steps, then consolidate pattern to “bake in” the variation.

Obviously neither of these are equivalent to iterative trig conditions but the end result can still be somewhat similar.

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Those are all great answers, thank you to everyone. This is consistent with what I’ve been reading poking around the forums more. I need to just let some of these habits go and adapt to the Pyramid way (which is a pretty good way :wink: )

I have a fun one I’ve personally discovered that could possibly shift to drums or anything else:

  1. Write a 1 bar sequence
  2. Copy to a second track

Now go in and remove 1 note from the first track but keep that note in the second track. In the second track remove all the other notes except for that specific note that was removed from the first.

For me, what I do now is add a random effect followed by a scale effect with the scale effect in the proper scale.

What happens is the sequence will play but that one note will randomize in scale and add in really nice variation without randomizing the whole sequence. Sort of a play on the trig idea.

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Oh yea great idea @Saulstokes! Sending multiple tracks to the same destination is a great way to get variation. Would also be cool to make the second track a different length or time signature to even get some shifting timing of the random note in there :wink:

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