SOLVED: Jupiter Xm vs OB-6 MIDI recording not working properly

Using my OB-6 with MIDI record, everything seems to be working fine:

  • metronome before record sounds like it should
  • notes record
  • filter cutoff records perfectly

So I can assume that there’s nothing wrong with my Pyramid.

But if I try the same with my Jupiter Xm, something is not right:

  • metronome before record sounds like it’s being muted a few millisecond after each beep
  • notes record fine
  • filter cutoff does not record at all

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? The Jupiter Xm is at factory reset, and I’ve now only got it’s MIDI out to the Pyramid, and it’s MIDI in from the Pyramid’s MIDI A.


I asked the same question on GS, and Paul_xyz said that the Jupiter Xm transmits the filter cutoff via Sysex and not MIDI CC.

Was really bummed with his answer because I was hoping that the Pyramid would be able to record all my workflow Jupiter Xm… and this I realised after some meditation - the Jupiter Xm has assignable sliders!

So after assigning SL1 to MIDI CC74, the Pyramid records to cutoff perfectly.

So happy right now :slight_smile: