Solved: CC automation slowdown - Elektron to blame


(EDITED, noticed it might be an Elektron problem) I noticed something:

I have some Elektron devices, and having ~10–14 lanes of CC automation in a pattern slows the pattern down to a crawl, or well, at least a very wonky walk.

Can others reproduce? Can others verify it’s not happening with non-Elektron stuff? I’m hoping it’s just Elektron being crappy :smiley:

At least this does the trick:
I created 2 tracks. One outputs to MIDI out A (Elektron), two to MIDI out C (Elektron).
Created 3 lanes of automation on one, ~10 on two. The wonkiness appears, if my ears don’t deceive me, even earlier.


I would suggest looking into the MAXIMUM RATE feature of automation lanes.
They allow for downsampling the automation curves, so as not to overwhelm downstream devices


thanks, will do! In any case, I’m leaning towards Elektron being the culprit. Will test and edit this topic accordingly.

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Gah, turns out I can’t edit the OP anymore. I’m pegging this on Elektron, seems like their machines don’t handle multiple CC streams too well. Maybe a mod ( @thetechnobear ?) could edit the title to sth. like “Solved: CC slowdown due to Elektron” or similar.

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Done :slight_smile:

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