Software recommendation for making kits - XLN Audio XO

This software is brilliant for making kits for Rample. It’s similar to Google’s experiment, the endless drummer or whatever it was called. Basically, you can import all your samples to it (it also comes with a massive library) - and samples are seen on a big visual sort of star map, like clouds, where every sample is a little dot. These dots are grouped together in terms of likeness, so all dots in an area will have a lot of similarities. You can easily make kits with this, and even browse “similar kits” based on where in the clouds you are - it’s brilliant for making kits for Rample. Then just export out the kit, chop it up in Audacity and load it into Rample!

So anyway, you can even try it for free - highly recommended. :slight_smile:

Ok, so the ad is super cheesy, but give it a shot! It’s a brilliant piece of kit. :slight_smile:


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