Soft Synths with Pedals?

Non-Squarp specific question here - I’d love the ability to run soft synths through some of my pedals - have been trying to read up on how to accomplish this but keep falling short.

It seems like some some combo of I/O plugin in Logic, outputs on my interface, and potentially a DI + Reamp box should achieve this - but I can’t conjure the magic spell

++ What I have to work with ++

DAW = Logic Pro X
Interface = FocusRite 18i20
Reamp = PRO-RMP Reamp
DI = Ultra-DI DI400P

Figured this out FWIW, leaving how I accomplished below, I did not need to use a Reamp or DI box.


  • My interface is a FocusRite 18i20 (2nd Gen) which has the option for multiple outputs on back.
    I have 1+2 going to my monitor speakers and routed 3+4 to the back of an audio patchbay
  • I then sent the output for 3 to the input of 2 on the 18i20 creating an “interface” loop
  • Then created a “Software Instrument” track in Logic
  • For the Software Instrument track I created a Bus for the Output, Bus 7 is what I used for this example
  • I then created a new Audio Track and set both the Input and Output to Bus 7
  • On the Audio Track created I also used the I/O plugin in Logic to set Output to 3 and Input to 2
  • Next, on the audio patchbay, which I have all my pedals running into, I routed from Output 3 (18i20) to Pedal In to Pedal Out to Input 2 (18i20).

Now when I play soft synths I can hear the pedal fx in realtime or just record to midi and then print to audio and “perform” with the pedal. I can also sequence the softsynth via Pyramid via USB MIDI - I’ll initially be using this with Logic’s Sampler (which I love) - so I can incorporate samples into projects without the need for an external sampler (was using TR-8S previously).

Running the Soft Synths through my pedals gives them some unique character which is cool - or if I’m ever particularly hung up on a certain sound for a project I can now “cheat” and use a soft synth. Prefer my physical gear always, but this is a cool option to have now, hopefully this is useful for someone else too - cheers! :slight_smile:

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