Smooth Project Change

Hi all,

I recently picked up a Hermod and I’m using it to drive a small modular rack for ambient/melodic techno kind of stuff. I’d like to be able to run an entire set which means changing projects on the fly. It’s working nice so far, but with a couple of issues.

Within a project I’m using sequential change and loop lengths tied to a track to allow me to move between sequences. Changing projects seems to be trickier. As the manual says, “Note that loading a project while Hermod is playing won’t reset the clock, the newly loaded project will be playing immediately”.

As far as I can tell, this means that it jumps to the next project as soon as you hit “X”. So I need to get the project change ready, then hit “X” at the right time to avoid a crunching of gears. It’s doable, but needs practice. Is there any way I can get the sequential change like behaviour with project changes, so that the change occurs at the end of the track?



No ideas here? Or has everyone just jumped to Hermod+…?

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