Slow, precise CC change from value X to value Y

Fellow Pyramid users:

How would you execute a multi-minute-long CC change from one value to another, with the intent of the change being at a perfectly smooth, constant rate?

I’m thinking about using step mode with each step set to the longest possible note length. Enter decreasing or increasing values consecutively, +1 or -1 value per step. Then slow down the tempo to what it needs to be to fill the desired timespan.

Does that sound like the best approach? Anybody tried something like this?

yeah, this would work.

personally, as tempo is global, Id want to not touch this too much…so as not to affect other tracks,
so id try to slow down time just on one ‘dedicated’ track (*) for this modulation.

as well as zooming out, and using track length,
I think you could also change the time signature on the track, which means every step is longer.
so the max for a given tempo is , I think zoom out fully, signature 1:1 , then set the length as you wish.
even at 120bpm, a ramp going from 0 to 127 , will take 30 seconds per step, so an hour to go from 0 to 127,
… you could get slower, by not changing on every step.

bare in mind, if you using standard 7bit CC, you only have 1/128 resolution - however most synths with smooth these steps, (and you might be able to configure how much they smooth) so your unlikely to hear… (if you using 14 bit midi, then this is not an issue )

btw: the LFO can go pretty slow too… down to 64, again set signature to x:16, and at 120bpm, each step is about 2 seconds, so a full cycle about 8 minutes. (64*16 / 120bpm = 8.5)

(*) the great thing about the pyramid, is you can have up to 64 tracks, and target the same instrument with multiple tracks, so you can mess about with one track just for this kind of modulation, but have another track for the same instrument that is in ‘normal time’


I like technobears solution myself, but another option is to use a software sequencer to make that track. Some of them let you define a range, a start value, and an end value and it just inserts even increments of the CC values.