Slimmer form factor possible?

I recently tried making a more portable setup with the hapax and an ipad as a sound module. I’m resisting the urge to get something like a deluge or an oxi because a) money and b) I really like the hapax workflow and want to just get deeper into that.

The setup was pretty clunky which was definitely not all on the hapax. It worked for the living room, but my ipad mount wasn’t too secure, and the whole setup is going in a magma mpc live 2 case with lots of extra wires for powering and connecting.

I don’t really want to give up much of the x and y, but a reduced height with a battery would be really cool and allow moving around the house and going completely mobile much easier.

I know people hate trs midi, but would it be such a problem if there was just an A/B switch in software (or even a little hardware switch)? Besides, if there is proper USB midi support like the MPCs we could have upwards of 64 midi connections over those two ports.

So if the connections on the back get slimmed down, could the whole thing become more portable?

Of course I’ve been fantasizing about some sort of dedicated multi-timbral module that would clamp on, but that’s a Love Hulten commission and I don’t have that kind of money. :slight_smile:

I’ve decided for portability just to make my peace with ipad sequencing and I also downloaded korg gadget for the switch which is actually pretty nice. I may get back to making some kind of dedicated laptop style case, but I’m putting that off for now.

im not sure if youre interested but i make a 14hp eurorack module with full windows 11 and all that comes with it like retail plugins and daw hosts… and i also run dirtywave m8 headless. the combo is tiny and has so many synth/sampler/fx/mixing options that its quite enough for me. i always wanted to run serum in a tiny eurorack, and hapax is perfectly suited to send midi to such a receptive device!

That does sound neat. I have a zynthian which is a similar idea but much more limited in terms of plugins and power. Desktop plugins in a small screen format seem to suffer quite a bit both in terms of usability and efficiency. Things built for mobile just seem to be a lot more efficient.

Edit: I do get what you’re saying about the dedicated module option, but the UI would need to be completely different either way. I mostly want presets but even those can be a pain on small screens and I do want to be able to do some tweaking.

so plug in a giant screen. i do. or just use the plugin because you already know it so well or youve already made necessary assignments or because you already have an instrument definition. you dont need a screen once you set it up the way you want it. dirtywave m8 doesnt need a large screen at all. its totally usable on a small screen… but i wouldnt classify 8" as small. its on the lower side on usable. if youre not captivated by the sound of any plugin its not as big of a deal but i just love the sound of world class plugins like serum.