Slightly adjusting Note Length?

I feel like a lot of groove comes from having notes that are slightly shorter or longer, but I’m having troubles doing this on Pyramid. Is there a way to make a 1/16 note 1+1/2 16th note long for example?

So you want a dotted 1/16th Note, yes?

1 - Step Mode
2 - Adjust Zoom x8
2 - Hold Note & Rotate Note WIdth Encoder (#4) to get 3 steps in Zoom x8

I have an other question, related to the same topic : Isn’t it possible to play a note longer than 127 steps ?

for example for a very long sample, or a drone

note length is related to zoom level…

then there are various modes to stop retrigs e.g. hold - you can also use sustain
many of these are discussed in this topic:

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