Slaving Hermod via device port from Akai Force

Hi Folks,
I am trying to get my Hermod in sync with my Akai Force. Since I would like to use the Force for recording my eurorack I am trying to get them both in Sync. When connect them both via Midi cable both stay in sync for ages. But when I sync Hermod via the Device Port (and set this port to be the clock source) then the two machines get out of sync after a while. They just start unsyncing for 1 or 2 ticks but it is getting worse over time.
Is this a known behaviour for either Hermod or Force? Any idea who is the bad boy, Hermod or Force?
Thank´s and have a nice weekend.

no its not a ‘known behaviour’ of the hermod.

e.g. I sync my hermod to my octatrack via an iConnectivity mioXM, into hermod’s usb device port, and dont notice any real issue.

(you dont say how quickly they drift)

thats not to say, you wont find any ‘sync issues’ on this forum - as, unfortunately, sync is always a bit of trial and error, seeing which combinations work well, which don’t.
(midi clock is not ideal, since after intial transport start it never ‘re-syncs’ - but its all we have)

at least it sounds like you could use din,
you could also try switching hermod to be master, and seeing if the Akai acts better as a slave.

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