Six Trak and Pyramid general//gate tips plz

Alright Ive been trying to do cool stuff with the six traks arpeggiator but so far it seems like more trouble than its worth. I have the signal going from gate out of the pyramid to foot pedal in on the six trak, and while it can control the arp tempo as soon as the arpeggiator is off it starts changing the program number with every gate message. Makes it pretty unusable. Anyone get any milage out of the gate>sixtrak?

On the positive side being able to use mono mode to make the six trak play six different mono programs at once makes the six trak an acid beast, slaying virtual dragons and hammering craters into the earth to the beat.

Six trak and pyramid for the win! Give me your tips and tricks plzz

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You’re correct. The SCI Six Trak and Pyramid do make for a formidable coupling. The Midi CC control is excellent. I must try the mono mode as you suggest.

Ahh forgot about this thread attempt. Never got the gate to do much for me, getting to sync the arp is cool in theory but I’d rather use the pyramid arp for most stuff anyways. Would be a cool live tool but I don’t think it’s worth the trouble

Here’s a mono mode run down in case anyone doesn’t know:

Put it in mono mode, with the program change on, first osc will be whatever program you have selected, the next five osc will be on the five ascending midi channels after whatever is set. Send out program changes to those 5 (I believe the numbers for this is one off so sending program 1 is program 00, 2 is 01 etc) and voila, multi timbral madness.

Then send notes and parameter changes like crazy! It seems to crash with >4 cc changes occuring at once but I’m gonna keep trying anyways!

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