Single-track drum sequencing with Hermod

Hermod has evolved a lot since it was first released, and it’s a really powerful sequencer, especially for live recording and looping. Especially now with the 1.50 fw Step+X shortcut to delete all notes in a track, I find it to be very immediate, and easy to use.

However, I feel like it could be better at sequencing drum tracks. Note, I’m talking about multiple drums’ data is being sequenced in a single track, where the sequenced data is being output over MIDI to a module like 1010 Bitbox or an external drum module.

To that end, I have a few drum programming related feature ideas:

  1. Add a per-track setting that slightly changes how the 1-8 buttons work in Step mode. Right now, if there are no notes on the pad’s step, pressing a pad will add the selected pitch/velocity, and if there are notes, pressing a pad will remove all notes on that step. What if there was a mode where pressing the pad only added/removed the currently selected pitch, but left everything else? This would be incredibly helpful for programming and tweaking drum tracks.

  2. Add an easy way to delete all notes in a track for a given pitch. For example, maybe I hold a button down and press a note. Every instance of that note in the track would be deleted. Or maybe you would first press a note (or select it with the encoder) and then press a button combo to delete that note. That would allow you to very easily delete all kick or snare drum hits on a track, for example.

I have other thoughts around these, but no concrete ideas:

  • Per-drum (note) muting
  • Per-drum (note) euclid pattern
  • Performance “note repeat” mode (create fills by holding down a pad/note/CC message)

Do you use Hermod to sequence drums? If not, do you want to? I think there’s a lot of untapped potential here, and would love to hear from others.

I do sometimes, but rarely if using midi - that said the Rample makes it attractive to use midi. (but, I’ll use the pyramid if Im using midi)
if im using cv, then quite often I’ll use a mod track, as i don’t need pitch, so can use if for something else.

perhaps (1) could be done as its done on the pyramid, where the record button toggles a mono/poly mode…
this would add ‘per note’ add/remove which would also be useful for creating/editing chords on the hermod.

pyramid also allows per note muting via the mono/poly mode.

so id like to see this mono/poly mode.

not sure how you’d get per note euclid - that feels counter to what we have currently, it’d also only be useful for midi (cv requires separate tracks anyway) .

similarly, fills seems like a great idea for drums, but hard to see how it would fit in.

perhaps these might need a new track type (drum track, to go with mod/note).

anyway, all for additional ways to use hermod :slight_smile:

best idea is to throw feature request to Squarp, they know what’s possible and know what features might be more/less effort.


I’m currently trying to decide between Hermod and Pyramid, to sequence my rack + an RD-8. I currently have access to a roommate’s Pyramid, which is incredible for Euclidian per-note drum sequences. I even have note definitions per drum! The UX is quite nice.

I really want Hermod to work for my setup. It’s more compact than Pyramid, and most of my sounds come from the rack, so the single CV-out on Pyramid is quite limiting.

Without better midi drum sequencing though, my best bet is Pyramid + a midi->CV interface. I wish I could do this with one module. Hermod comes so close…