Show current transposition value / interval

Hi there!

I have a Pyramid since a few weeks and I’m really happy with it! It took me some time to figure out the master transpose feature (which is awesome), and I have a question regarding the transposition value.

When I select a master transpose track and play a key on my midi keyboard, it will transpose all tracks with “transpose” on, depending on the key from C4 (or whatever setting you have).

So when I press D4 it will transpose +2 (C# -> D).

Is it possible to see this “current transpose” value somewhere?

I don’t think so

If you want the transposition-master track transpose by numerically notated intervals, you could just fill your master transpose track with steps that all have a note of C4 (or whatever the transposition base is in your settings), put a Scale FX on this track (with scale = chromatic), and then transpose your transposition-slave patterns by changing the Transpose parameter (which will always display as a number ranging from -12 to +12) on the master’s Scale FX.

You could do this by assigning a Pyramid encoder (or external MIDI controller) to control the Transpose parameter on the master’s Scale FX, or you could automate it within the Note FX automation lane of the master track. Either way, this will make it easier to see if you’ve transposed the slaves by, say, +7.

But I’m not sure how to hack this with a MIDI keyboard, where you can press keys to effect the transposition. I guess there you just have to count the distance between your keys in your head, if you don’t have it committed to memory :sweat_smile:


Thank you for the responses guys!. The scale effect tip is very useful!

But when you transpose in real time using a midi keyboard it would be very useful to display the current transposition interval. I guess I could send this as a feature request.


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