Shortening Hermod default gate length


I’m using a Hermod Modulation + gate pattern to drive an Erica Pico (Sample) Drum module.

Works very nicely except when I start to increase the Hermod Zoom.

Once I get beyond about 4x it seems like the Hermod gate notes start to overlap / run into one another, so I can’t generate short rapid sequences of gates - lots of the gates start getting dropped.

I’m guessing I can sort this by shortening the default length of the gate messages, but I can’t see how to do that - could someone point me in the right direction ?

Many thanks.

Hey @justin,

Once you place a note, hold the corresponding pad where the note is to select the note, then press the encoder to cycle between “Note”, “Velocity” and “Length”. You can now set the length of the note (in multiples / divisions of a quarter note).

Once you’ve set the length of one note, it becomes the default for the subsequent notes you will place.


Many thanks!

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