Shifting patterns around


Been playing around with patterns and been having a great time. I like to organize the rows using a top/down approach, meaning play row 1 then work down. But ran into a challenge trying to insert a new row near the top. The only workflow that I’m aware of is to copy/paste on a per clip basis, it works, but man moving dozens of clips is tedious and time consuming. It would be great to copy / paste a whole row but I don’t believe that feature exists. Or am I missing something here?


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As far as I know that’s not possible. Would be useful indeed, so maybe send Squarp a feature request? :slight_smile:

The struggle is real lol. I also like to organize my songs into rows and work down as the song progresses. When I’m working out the tracks, however, I tend to choose tracks at random to lay ideas down because I’m not always sure where it will end up anyway, so I just go back and rearrange as I need. As I get closer to finalizing a structure, I end up with rows but then where exactly should that row go? Maybe I’ll change my mind and it’s two rows up or down now? Sooo much copy/pasta…
Feature request inbound!

This doesn’t help with inserting a new row or anything, but it might help speed up your workflow a bit:

You can press and hold a pattern and then move it up and down using the arrow keys.


It would also be cool if pattern rows could be played via midi.

Really would like colours and naming of patterns maybe when held down shows name?
Hard to know what is what