Shifting Pattern Start Point

I am really impressed with the Hermod+. The immediacy of it is fantastic and is super fun. I have noticed that quite a bit I will lay something come quick and then after awhile realize that the start is really somewhere else than the start. Is there a way to shift the pattern left / right so that it starts correctly? This is especialy true with the randomizer too.

Hi @djwglpuppy

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

I think you’re looking for “rotate”.

Hold and turn the encoder to rotate all the notes or modulations in a pattern. It will move all the events left/right, in time increments related to the zoom level.

Does it handle all tracks simultaneously, if not it would be great to have this possibility as well. I often play looong patterns by hand, and it’s a pain to wait the entire pattern just to play a few notes at the end…

Also this would make a really fun effect when modulating the rotation amount…

The good ole You say Rotate, I say shift :smiley: Thanks so much for the prompt reply. I am looking forward to what you all have in store for this!

I think rotate is the same as it was in the original hermod? Would be really really amazing to be able to do some things across multiple tracks though. Like select a range of tracks via the track buttons and then rotate or use the step buttons to inputs notes, or clear all notes of selected tracks. That would be very game changing. Couldn’t do those things on the original hermod, and im guessing that’s still the case since I didn’t see it in the manual.

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