Share your Hermod tracks!


I was sure I saw a topic like this the other day, but can’t find it now. Anyway, would love to hear what you all are making on your Hermods, how you approach song making in general, and if you have any tips and tricks to share. :slight_smile:

Here’s a track I made recently, nothing groundbreaking, but sequenced entirely on Hermod (only sequencing eurorack gear). Hermod is ace. :slight_smile:


Here’s another Hermod track:


wonderful work here. glad I came across it.
did you use the hermod for the percussion too?
thanks for sharing


thanks! much appreciated. :slight_smile: yes, the hermod was used for perc as well, most of the percussion (at least in the second one) by using the euclidean effect. :slight_smile:


thanks - I’m half eyeing on a little modular for percussion only and am curious about the workflow i guess…

again, your sound is great. really into the timbre/mood you created


thanks. :slight_smile: i guess it depends on your style and what you want to achieve, i really love working with a modular, but it’s hard to recommend on a general basis, as it’s so expensive. you get so much more for your cash with other things. but for me, it’s just a completely different way to interface with a synth, and i just click with it, it just makes sense, and you have control over everything (and everything can basically influence everything else), so I love that - the workflow is excellent, in my opinon. i recommend you to try out a little system first, if that’s possible for you. i know a lot of people can find the technical aspect of it quite overwhelming, and the sounds underwhelming, so it’s probably wise to figure out if it’s really for you first. :slight_smile:


Another Hermod track:

Come on, people, don’t be shy - share some tunes! :grinning: