Setting note length poll


I guess I am not alone here but it just keeps bugging me how counter intuitive this is, pressing a step and then turn encoder 4. I 100% prefer the way this is done on Novation Launchpad Pro Mk3 sequencer, Deluge, Oxy and most probably most sequencers with pads :wink: It should not be needed to use a encoder in this case as it just slows you down. I rather see the current UX be inverted so use the note plus encoder turn to set selection range and use note plus another note on same lane to set the note length.

  • Set Note Length using Note + Encore 4 turn(current behavior)
  • Set Note Length using Note + another note on the same lane(deluge/oxy/launchpad behavior

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I think making a poll and let it be a community decision would be a fair deal.



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Yes I really hope they will add this feature too. Makes programming melodies so much faster and also much more fun.

It kind of conflicts with the “multiple-events selection” feature, but I think this could be addressed by some smart use of conditions.

coming from Pyramid and not knowing any other way, it’s not counter-intuitive to me. would i be unhappy if you could extend notes directly on the grid? i guess not but also that only would seem to work if you didn’t need to create a note longer than 16 steps, which i frequently do so just as easy to dial in the exact note length i want than presumably scrolling across “pages” of grid?

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On the Deluge, you can go to the next page and extend any notes on a previous page to there.

I think both options have their advantages though. So I think if this feature would be added, it should of course not replace the current system, but only be added as an alternative.

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Same for me. Pyramid was my first dedicated sequencer so it’s completely “intuitive” to me.

“Intuitive” just means “works in a way I already know or close enough to it”, of course.

I had both Pyramid and Deluge (and now Hapax), but I definitely prefer the Deluge way of inputting notes.

I’m pretty confident, once you experience that, you will find it much more convenient, intuitive and fun than the current way.

I prefer the current behavior, but I also don’t know that a poll here is a very good indicator of user expectations/needs. I can select several notes and change their lengths simultaneously. I also like how quickly I can select several notes.


Yes, but the suggestion is not to replace the current method, but add an alternative :slight_smile:

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I guess my little gripe with the current interface isn’t having to reach for a knob. Rather it’s the choice of knob. As it is I’m holding the grid-button with my left hand and turning the knob with my right, thereby blocking both the grid and the display. Which makes the procedure somewhat awkward. If the interface could be slightly re-arranged to have one of the knobs in the middle change note length, I think it could work a little better (for me).