Setting min/max range for automation lanes

Just got my Hapax yesterday and I’m having a great time getting it set up with all my gear. One thing that I suspect isn’t possible, but maybe I’ve missed something: is it possible to set min/max values for automation lanes? Eg. in an instrument definition be able to state “this CC can only take values 0-64”. I see that there’s some way to set some min/max when you select multiple steps in an automation lane - haven’t actually tried this yet, but I guess it scales or truncates the values into the selected range?

If this isn’t already a feature, it would be great if you could say certain CC were restricted to a range since I’ve got a lot of gear for which behaviour is only defined in limited range, and it would be useful to a) keep my messages limited to that range; b) have the grid be scaled appropriately for the set range so I’m not stuck inside a fraction of it when I’m drawing automation for those parameters.


i’d love this too, especially because this would also allow more precise automation drawing, a kind of zoom function.

Yeah vertical zoom for automation would be fantastic. After playing some more with it, changing the min/max of a selection does work really well to take a shape you’ve drawn and then scale it to a selected range, but being able to choose the vertical resolution of the grid like you can horizontally would be a great workflow enhancer. I have some v strange gear that uses NRPN, but just to get things like 1000 distinct values instead of 127, truncating everything above that - once scaled all my automation just looks like a horizontal line on the grid. This is probably a pretty niche scenario though, I will admit!