Setting a project to be auto-loaded?

So I always like to start with a clean slate when I turn on my eurorack. Ideally, I just want a clean project where clock input is set to “Device” (I’m slaving Hermod to Ableton Live). I have a project saved as this, but how do I set the module to auto load this project? It seems like some other project must have auto-saved and the module keeps loading in that whenever it starts, for whatever reason, and now I can’t just change back to the one I want. Sometimes it seems to load a blank project, but then the clock input is always set to “internal”, for some reason.

The manual doesn’t say much about how this works, so hard to know what to do to get the desired results. Does it just auto-load the last saved project?

It’s not in the manual cause it’s in one of the last firmware updates, just name the project you want to load at startup as “_” . Underscore without the quotes

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Ah, sweet! That is perfect. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: