Set to all tracks

Just to be sure, there isnt any way to set a for example a scale effect for all tracks at once? You have to add the specific midi effect to all tracks?

Would be nice with an option to ”set for all tracks” inside the midi scale effect. Could maybe be nice for other functions too i guess.

there is the ability to assign some ‘global’ parameters e.g. scale, swing

this is covered in the manual under master effects

thats is the limit of whats possible.

if you have suggestions for other ideas, please send a feature request via the contact form directly to Squarp.

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Damn i posted this in the wrong part of the forum, is there anything like that for Hermod? :slight_smile:

no, nothing similar on the Hermod, you’d have to copy the modulation to other tracks.

you can copy an fx with settings, to other tracks


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