Sequncing polyphonic external midi synths

Hello all,
I am curious if it is possible to sequence an external midi hardware synth, Matrix 1000 for example, without sacrificing more than one of the 8 tracks the hermod has allocated for CV/Gate operations?
so tracks, 1-7 are CV gate voices, but I want track 8 to sequence chords on the MAtrix 1000.

Thank you and pardon me if this extremely obvious

that’s an interesting one…
yes, an individual track can have multiple notes on it… and the midi out effect will route these from one track to a poly synth - so exactly as you want.

BUT… the only way I’ve found to ‘enter’ chords is to play them in live.
you are then able to move these around - but you cannot just enter them via midi learn (which i thought was previously possible - did i imagine this?) or from the front panel.

midi learn does allow you to enter chords from an external keyboard,
I forgot that midi learn only works with on the ‘active channel’.

tldr; yes you can do exactly as you wish…
the only thing you can not do is enter chords or edit individual notes on the hermod display.

Brilliant - Thank you Mark for your time and answer.

Please be safe and here is hoping you and yours are well

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