Sequential Pro-3, USB and Hapax

I’m wondering if anyone here has a Pro-3 and has tried to connect it via USB to Hapax?

I have and I’m not having any luck with USB midi working. I can press a note on the Pro-3 and no note is registered on Hapax. If I switch to Midi then everything works.

I double checked my settings and everything is set up to work, and if I plug the Pro-3 directly into my Mac then USB Midi works as I would expect.

Anyone have this combo and do they work?


Is the Pro-3 usb midi class compliant?

The Sequential website says the USB on the Pro-3 is a class compliant USB device - so yes, I think so.

I’ll try tomorrow and let you know.

That is awesome - thank you XX

It works for me.

Pro-3 directly connected to the Hapax via USB and I see notes coming into the Hapax.

Thank you for taking the time to test for me. I’ll dig into this further knowing that it does work as expected.


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I did a full update (main board and panel). Then did a reset and voila - Pro-3 is now working with Hapax!