Sequencing blackbox sampler

Tried this morning but I cannot find a responsive way to sequencing the bb from the pyramid.
Anyone with the same combo?

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I have a black box and a squarp, whats the question?

I TRIED to lauch both the sequences and pads,writing a sequece on a track of the pyramid.
The result is sometimes the sequence or the pad start sometimes not,sometimes they are delayed.
It s the first time I try because I can live without it cause I can use the bb song mode and sequences in parallel with the pyramid.

Then I tried to use the track on the pyramid as start and stop for different sequences on the bb.
Let s say midi note 52 for the first sequence once for start the bb sequence once for stop.
But it doesnt work.

To be honest I haven’t tried this type of way myself, I see what you’re aiming for though,

Have you made sure that the midi channels aren’t conflicting?

There is a toggle feature for the clips in the blackbox

I tried not per pad but on the tools window where I put channel 7 the one I put on the track on pyramid out.

You mean the toggle for the pads?
If so I tried trigger,toggle and gate but nothing worked as expected.

I will get back to this asap, I have to do a store run and will hook up my squarp and blackbox and try these out
Maybe I’m not the best person for this considering I can’t get my squarp to clip launch in ableton :blush:

Also try looking at the pattern delay setting in squarp, that might be a solution

Yes I will

In order to fire seqs in Bbox you have to configure your TRACK in TRIG run mode
From pyramid manual
“● TRIG ( icon displayed under TR): track plays once at the beginning of the sequence and does not loop. The track is simply triggered and stops when it reaches its end.”
That way whenever you launch the track containing the corresponding midi notes of seqs, the seqs will either fire or stop.
So you have to use 2 tracks in order to play at the same time the pads separate.
In my opinion you don’t need Bbox sequences since you have the flexibility of Pyramid, with lots tracks and patterns.
I use only Bbox sequences to have a clue about the Song arrangement when I use it standalone without Pyramid. Or another use is to have 16 more sequences using the terminology of Pyramid if 32 are not enough(which is often true for me too)

I m not using the bb sequencer any longer.
Pyramid it s enough for sequencing.

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