Sequencing 2 Oscillators and Pyramid

After a few months of some seat of the pants learning and building a small modular case, I realized on buying a 2nd oscillator I have no clue how to sequence 2 separate parts running at the same time.
I have Pam’s New Workout, 2 VCA’s, 2 envelopes, 2 oscillators and a buffered mult to play with. Both Midi A + B in Pyramid are utilitised. Any guidance, tips or advice would be fantastic. Thanks.

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There may be other methods to achieve what you’re trying to do and it may require understanding more detail around it, but the workflow that I use is pretty basic, use multiple tracks to play multiple devices at the same time. Then I simply punch in and out the different tracks by muting and unmuting the tracks.

Here’s a simple description using one device, Blofeld. Since it’s multi-timbral I assign each part (patch) to a unique MIDI channel which is assigned to a track in the Pyramid.

I mainly use a five12 sequencer for sequencing eurorack modules running in slave mode. But on occasion some modules are controlled from the Pyramid and I use a Poly 2 module as MIDI to CV converter.

It’s a pretty simple setup and love getting lost in playing along while punching in & out different parts via Pyramid Tracks.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply but I’m not sure if I can entirely get my head round that. I’m hoping to achieve sequencing in Pyramid without buying another sequencer for my Eurorack set up. Five12 looks good though!

How do you plan on using the second oscillator, run it in parallel with the first Osc to enhance timbre or sequence both Osc’s independently?

The first choice is easy, use a Mult or stacking cables and connect both Osc’s together by sharing the 1v/oct and gates.

The Pyramid only offers 1 CV/Gate output which you can use to sequence one Osc. If you want to sequence the second Osc independently then you’ll need a module that will convert MIDI to CV, something like Polyend Poly 2.

Yeah I get the use of mults, but as I said I want to sequence two separate parts on 2 VCO’s simultaneously.
I figured a CV to midi converter module is what I probably needed then I discovered there’s also Midi to CV modules. It became more confusing when I searched for one and both types come up.
My understanding is I need a module that has 1v/Oct to allow a 2nd musical sequence that Pyramid can convert to midi. I was hoping to do that without spending £300 upwards for the polyend poly2 or similar…and at the same time avoid integrating a sequencer within my modular set up as well as running Pyramid.

You may want to consider a device that functions outside of the eurorack case, like CV-OCD

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That’s worth looking into if I can’t get something that does the job inside the case. Thanks for the link…I’ve never stumbled across this before.
Seeing the CV-OCD also makes me consider what i’ll need when i (inevitably) add more voices to my case. I know i definitely want to add maybe 3 drum modules that i can independently program in Pyramid.

there lots of midi to cv (and cv to midi) modules for euroack.
(including squarp’s own hermod)

some are diy, if you want to keep the price down

hexinverters mutant brain is cv.ocd in a eurorack form
(though difficult to get your hands on at the moment!)

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Thank you for the tip about Mutant Brain…I’ve watched a couple of videos on that and i like what it can do other than convert cv to midi. As you say no one seems to have it stock right now as seems to be the case for lots of modular and synth stuff right now.
Another module that caught my eye is the FH-2 from Expert Sleepers. That too falls into the category of no stock in the UK right now so i have time to research each both fully before deciding.

Like @thetechnobear said, there are lots of options for in-the-case converters. You definitely want midi-to-cv to utilise the many tracks on the pyramid. (Cv-to-midi would be for things like sending lfo’s, envelopes, sequences, etc. generated in the case to midi gear that doesn’t speak cv.)

I can highly recommend the cv.ocd. It’s pretty configurable, works well with pyramid and has lots of outputs. I use a cv.ocd and a Befaco Midithing (one of the first modules I bought, though now I would have rather gone for Mutant Brain). I have different tracks on Pyramid set up to sequence 4 different oscillators with pitch, gate and velocity, some drum/sample modules, envelopes, and I use the USB out to trigger sounds on the 1010music blackbox, which goes back into the modules in the case.

You can do a LOT with the pyramid if you can convert that midi into multiple channels of cv.

Thank you. My understanding of midi to CV and CV to midi is now clearer.
I currently power Pyramid via a USB hub that’s also used to power external drives and an ilok key.
So you use the ocd And befaco midi thing in unison?
I’ve been looking at both Mutant Brain and Expert Sleepers FH2, hoping that either would do the job of giving me multiple VCO control and some USB flexibility.

I have a DAW at the end of my chain for tracking and use USB for any soft synth stuff. I may ultimately have to adjust my workflow as I’m using the soft synth option less and less.

Yes, I use the ocd and the midithing together. Midi A out of the Pyramid goes to one and Midi B goes to the other. I don’t know the ES FH2, but as far as I understand, the Mutant Brain is the same as cv.ocd, which means you could do 4xcv+gate or 2xcv+gate+velocity, and still have 10 (i think) trigger/gate outputs. And you can still keep using the USB channels to do what you’re doing.

I chose the ocd over the Mutant Brain only because I have a small case and I didn’t want to take up more space with something I could easily have outside the case.

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I chose the ocd over the Mutant Brain only because I have a small case and I didn’t want to take up more space with something I could easily have outside the case.

Makes sense.

Yeah i’m definitely leaning more toward Mutant Brain and the possibilities of having 4x CV, gates, velocities and 10 trigger/gates. By that time my rack will be almost full and will give me lots to explore there. My Midi A goes to various synths via Erica Synths Midi Thru and B currently goes to a Pulsar 23 but i can easily fire that into Midi A via the Thru box.

Just remember - if the Mutant Brain is really like the cv.ocd - you have either 4xCV+gate, or 2xCV+gate+velocity. Plus all the the extra gate/triggers. Either way it’s a lot and it sounds like it’ll do you just fine.

The waiting time for stock of either Mutant Brain or ES FH-2 in the UK is approx 2 months. I have a project to be getting on with this week so i ordered CV.OCD to get me going. Elevator Sound also assure me it’s the basis for Mutant Brain. The sysex builder looks a bit complicated! I only hope i don’t spend hours figuring it out! Thanks for all your help and advice.

Just a quick question on the sysex procedure…how did you connect your laptop to CV.OCD? Mine is already connected to it and Pyramid via an Erica synth midi thru box. I got no response from my configured sysex file. I tried bypassing the the thru box, connecting CV.OCD to Pyramid and USB from Pyramid to computer…still nothing. I used sysex librarian.

Wow that was quick. :slight_smile: I live in South Africa and these things always take weeks or months to get to me.

I used the midi out on my sound card (MOTU ultralite). I’m not quite sure with your setup, but maybe you need to enable some midi thru setting on the Pyramid? I would email 64 Pixels. The guy, I think his name is Jason, has always been super responsive and helpful for me.

Yeah it was pretty quick! If companies here in UK have things in stock they can pretty much guarantee next day delivery.

My audio interface is a UAD Apollo. There’s no midi on it. I read someone advising another user that a midi interface is essential…I just thought Pyramid would have the capability to deal with it. Obviously transmit sysex is turned on…
Every midi enabled synth in my workflow goes to Pyramid via Erica synth midi thru box.
I have a trusty old Unitor8 (midi interface) that I could wheel out and see if that will allow my computer to send sysex to CV.OCD


This was the first time in ages I used the midi on the interface and it was pretty easy. Otherwise, especially since I got the Pyramid, I mainly use the computer for editing. I’m sure 64pix will help you figure out. Good luck!

Wrote to the guy 2 days ago…nothing back yet. I sussed the sysex thing out with my trusty old Unitor8 though…so all good.