Sequence VCV Rack from the Hapax?


I’ve just discovered VCV rack, has anyone connected their Hapax to their computer to sequence VCV rack before? What modules did you use?


Maybe once I get the paid version and something like an es8. I think I fiddled about with this stuff when I had a pyramid but I haven’t had the interest in doing so lately. I find that with the software version of eurorack there’s too much module options but it takes you down the same bleeps and bloops rabbit hole.

I’m waiting for my first module of the real thing.

Anyway there’s not much of a reason for me to do so unless I get a soundcard with dc coupled outputs.

I’m in the same boat, I want to add a couple of real modules to my setup, VCV rack is good to learn though. What module(s) are you getting to connect it to the Hapax?

Oh, like I say I haven’t lately. but if you were going to do so I would get an expert sleepers module to pass signals from my computer to the rack.

You can I believe just use the included midi modules in VCV to do some rudimentary stuff though… using Hapax’s usb midi.


Looks like you can -

For sure. It’s eminently doable…

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btw im using ‘bitsum process lasso’ to make my windows experience simply amazing for audio and i suspect any steaming media software experience. im not affiliated and they arent paying me to push their software lol

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So to keep it real simple. What module would you recommend to connect VCV to my hardware gear, I’d imagine my laptop’s USB will just go into my Hapax Sequencer’s USB port and I can assign midi channels to VCV? I’ve bought Omri Cohen learning videos too.

what module? expert sleepers es8 or 9 will let you directly patch cv and audio in and out as if both software and hardware modules were all hardware. i hope you followed the links in my about page because theres haters here lol! yes usb for midi

is great for vcv rack tutorials