Sequence Play Mode - Starting not at Beggining

I’m working on a song that has 9 sequences with varying mute states of track/patterns etc.

I’m trying to fine tune transitions between sequences towards the end of the track - however, I’d rather not wait the 2 minutes or so to get there every time to see how the changes I made sound. I know I can put it in perform mode and playback/perform that way, but I’m trying to get it playing back exactly as I’d like in “play” mode on the sequencer so I can focus more on sound design and not note/chord placement.

So in long, can you start sequence playback towards the middle of the “song” and not at the first programmed sequence? Hopefully that made sense :grimacing: Thanks for any help!

Press 2ND + < or > to jump to the previous/next sequence in the chain.


:exploding_head: amazing, big ups @chrisroland thank you!

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