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Good Evening Y’all!

I will do the best I can to explain the issues I’ve been banging my head over for hours now. I have tracks that are different lengths. I am trying my best to arrange them into sequences where I can hit play and it will keep everything in sync.

Here is the head banging dilemma. At a certain sequence, one of the tracks are not in sync with the others. I suspect it is due to the lengths not matching. I have done some digging into the manual and have tried both the relatching and trigger modes to no success. It’s one of those situations where while it takes care of the initial problem, it produces a new out of sync problem. It feels like a jigsaw puzzle. I don’t remember having this problem when I owned an MPC1000 and sequenced midi the same way, but it’s possible I had matching lengths for everything.

I wish I could better explain this, but I hope I was able to get it across somehow. Any advice would be helpful.

Thanks y’all!

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That sounds bizarre.
Are you using polymeter or polyrhythm?
Can you duplicate the issue with a new Project?
Perhaps you could post your project file somewhere? It’s really difficult to make suggestions based on a typed description.

Thanks for responding. I was able to troubleshoot the issue by ensuring that every track I work on was in “relatch” mode.

However, I found that when I use the arrow pads on the Pyramid to go back to the beginning of my sequences in “play” mode, the transition between the first sequence to the second sequence was abrupt and partially out of sync. The remaining sequences were fine going from one to the next. To resolve this, I would quickly hit play, stop and hit play again and strangely enough, that worked to fix it. Very strange behavior.

Sounds good.

Perhaps checking the Play Button options might offer a smoother workflow…? Settings>Misc>Play Pad

Maybe setting it to Restart Beat or something that makes more sense to you so you only have to hit it once

Thanks a lot. I will look into that the next time I am working on some of my projects.

This happens to me as well. Making them all the same length is my work around cause i’ve never really figured out practical applications for the different track run modes.

Which issue are you referring to?

Not sure you are chaining sequences when having this behavior but there’s an incredibly bad bug when chaining where the last bar of a sequence will skip randomly causing the entire song to go off the rails. It’s massively frustrating.

I’m hoping this is fixed in the latest update as they told me it would be.

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