Sequence Mode-> Perform ->"Full" 2nd sequence does not trigger

Full mode is supposed to switch (after completing ) to the next sequence queued up (low blinking button) but it now works partially. Seq 1 to Seq 2 back and forth was working, but now Seq 2 only loops. It does not trigger to the sequence in queue.

Added Seq 3; and Seq 1 to Seg 3 works (and vs versa). Both Seq1 and Seq 3 will trigger Seq 2, But Seq 2 will not trigger Seq 1 or Seq 3.

Discovered in Live mode one of the tracks linked to Seq 2 had an odd number of bars, which prolonged the time the Sequence progression to reach 100% before it switched to the next sequence in queue in Perform -> Play -> Sequence mode… ok sorry for wasting everyone’s time…lol!

Not a waste at all.
And especially THANK YOU for posting what you discovered: chances are there are plenty of people with the same issue and there will be more. Now the solution is here, thanks to you. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem…but the thing is that I haven’t set that odd number of bars…when i Set it to Full (before it changes to the next one), that odd number is displayed, for example 420 bars?! Have you experienced that?