Sequence Lengths and Confusion

Hey Hermod Users,

I’ve got a ‘song’ lined up – S1 is 56 long, S2 & S3 are 48 long, and S4 is 32 Long. Order is a follows: 1-2-3-2-3-4. Please help me wrap my head around this:

Why is it that, after triggering S2 to play after S1, S2 doesn’t start at the beginning of its sequence, but rather several steps afterwards. Likewise, when it comes time for S4 start, it begins roughly halfway through the progression. I’ve tried different loop lengths as well as full.

Is this a bug? If not, how would you go about correcting / trouble-shooting this?


troubleshooting is all about simplifying…

try to create the smallest project, with fewest number of conditions that still exhibit the problem clearly.
if you can come up with something that is small and succinct, then more likely others will try it, and also you have something that you can send to squarp @ that they can try to replicate.

if I was to hazard a guess at where the problem might lie… and so was going to try to replicate, then my ‘eye is caught’ by the fact 56 is not divisible by 16… so perhaps try a small project with
S1=12, S2=16 (or 24) see if you get similar issues.

also if you can boil it down to the ‘essential’ issue, its more likely others will have recognised it from their projects.

What play mode are you in? Is it sequential?

I had a similar problem that I talked with Squarp about. When I changed sequences in sequential mode with sequences that were of different length, the sequence I would jump to always had its first note off pitch. It turns out that this was a result of me changing sequences in Sequential mode that were of different length.

The person I contacted said it’s better if I have every sequence be the same length if I want to use sequential mode. Pretty annoying, but I haven’t run into the issue doing that.