Sequence doesn't restart from beginning


I’m having difficulties solving a little problem.

I am bulding a song using different track length and different patterns per track. The problem i have is that when i switch from one sequence to another sequence, my track doesn’t restart at bar one.

I’am sure this as something to do with my track length but i don’t find any workaround.

Do you have any ideas ?


What Track Run Mode are you using?

If you wish a Track to start at 1 every time it is Unmuted, it needs to be set to Relatch mode, or Trig mode (one shot) works, I think.

Run Mode can be different for each Pattern in a Track, Im fairly sure.

All my tracks are in relatch mode. I think i just understood what is happening.

My sequences plays patterns assigned to them. (seq 1- ptrn 1, Seq 2 - ptrn 2)

I had a sequence reading a pattern corresponding to another sequence with a wrong bar numbers.

All is good now.

Thanks for the help