Sequence direction changes + Continual randomisation of notes

Hey everyone, I am new here and I am digging into my Hermod. I was recently looking at the Copper Traces Seek. It has two features, I felt were missing on the Hermod (or maybe I cannot find them??!) The first feature is to be able to choose the direction of a Track sequence. I would love to be able to choose forward, backwards, pendulum, random and brownian. The second feature would be a constant randomisation of sequence notes that could be adjusted with a range in semitones and probability percentage of the randomisation.

The Pyramid will do the randomization functions you seek. Not sure about Hermod’s capabilities in this department, but the manual shoud have all of the info.

Hermod can randomize notes as requested
(see random midifx)

Neither Hermod or Pyramid can change direction of playback.

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…and the chance midifx. Plus the Randomizer (unfortunately, it can be triggered only manually; would be great to trigger it via CV/Gate In oder MIDI).
Randomization is one of the major strengths of Hermod. But it’s a bit different, because Hermod is not a “step sequencer”. The concepts of forward/backward/pendulum/random step only make sense for step sequencers.
Personally, I use both Hermod and two step sequencers (Ladik + TipTop Audio) together. They complement one another nicely. Also, Hermod has four CV/Gate inputs, which allows easy integration with all sorts of other modules.

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I agree direction changes is a nice feature, maybe a copy/reverse/paste option would be easier to implement?