Seq Play mode - Chaining sequence length partial bars possible?

Hey folks, just curious if there is a way, when chaining sequences in Play mode, to set a partial bar length for the seq length value?

For example: I have a collection of tracks that are 5.5 bars long, and I want the sequence to transition to the next one after 5.5 bars.

Possible? I don’t see any mention of it in the docs, and seems like an oversight since you can use partial values like this for track lengths.

I’m fairly new to the Pyramid myself, but from what I understand, when you program/chain a sequence, you set how many time you want to repeat each sequence step (I wish the manual didn’t refer to a collection of tracks as a sequence, but as a sequence step).

If all your tracks within one sequence step are 5.5 bars long, and you only repeat this step once, then it should move on to the next sequence step after that.

That’s my understanding. I haven’t tested it though.

I don’t really use SEQ Mode that often, but my understanding is that it is # of bars in full bar increments >=1 or 1/4, 2/4, 3/4 if <1.

If you’re using Free Mode, then you can set up 5 bars in one step and 2/4 bar in the next step, or if you’re in Relatch and the Track loops appropriately it might work as expected.

Manual: SEQ Mode -> “PLAY” Project

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