SEQ mode - how to edit mutes

I have read the section on seq mode, but I am still uncertain how to specifically edit the mutes for a given sequence. I thought within track mode you can hold SEQ and then select the track you want to edit mutes for, but somehow my edits are not saved. What am I missing? I am always in the perform mode when I am editing the mutes, not play or loop. Does someone know of a document or resource I can look up to figure this out?

Thanks ahead of time!

In track mode, make sure the record button is pressed to save mute states (the big red one one next to the play button). Whilst the button is pressed and lit red, any changes you make - turning tracks on or off - will be saved when you switch to previously saved sequences or save the current mute states to a new sequence.

If you want to call up a sequence and mess around with the mute states without saving those changes back into the sequence (think of it as non destructive editing) make sure save mute states is off (record button unlit).

But remember, once you are happy with your new combination of mute states, hit record and then choose a new sequence slot to save it or switch to an existing sequence to overwrite the previous mute state for the sequence you are working in.

Turn it off again when you are performing or experimenting non destructively so you don’t lose your “default” mute state for that sequence.


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Thanks Jim! Are pattern selections saved with the sequence as well?

Yes they are.

If you turn on Auto Pattern in settings you will get a new pattern with each new sequence. The new pattern number will correspond to the sequence number so pattern 3 will always play within sequence 3 and so forth. Helpful if you want to programme variations in tracks for specific sequences and keep them locked to that section of the song. You can switch them for other patterns later on if you want though.


I would recommend not to use “AUTO PATTERN” as this wastes a lot of memory. Reusing patterns is the way to go when you want to create long complicated projects, or even small and simple.

I even made this…


Hello – I know this thread is old, but I found it VERY helpful!!

The Pyramid manual seems totally unclear about this. It just says:

In TRACK mode, hold SEQ and select the sequence (from SE01 to SE16) you want to create or edit… Then mute/unmute your active tracks to build the sequence. As soon as you made a mute state change, the sequence is created.

I can’t find any mention all that the Record button needs to be active in order for this to work! I suggest an edit to the manual, unless I’m missing something. :slight_smile:

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It’s there, in the track section of manual:

Save mute states OFF

By default, track mute states changes are saved in the current sequence (REC is lit). If you mute or unmute a track, the sequence will save the mute states.

Press REC to disable saving sequence mute states (REC led will be OFF). If you mute or unmute a track, the sequence will not save the mute states. This allows you to mute and unmute tracks in TRACK mode, without losing your sequence’s track states. Switching a sequence restores it to its “default” state.

so, while building sequences make sure rec is lit in track mode. then while playing/performing you can turn it off so changing mute states are not saved in the sequence and you can improvise and not change any sequence.


:raised_hands: thank you!

I’m a big +1 here as well, this thread saved me this morning - I was going a little crazy last night trying to learn Sequencer Mode - I got my Pyramid 8 days ago and have been going through Loopop’s video while taking notes and practicing - and have also been referencing the older “official” Squarp videos if something in Loopop’s wasn’t hitting home for me but got lost on the Sequencer portion - I find the manual confusing in it’s layout from a n00b perspective, opening the box and only seeing the overlay “manual” was anxiety inducing, lol - but putting in the time helps everything make sense and it’s really worth it - this machine is a beast! Anyways, thanks all, I’m off and running again, cheers!


First post, wanted to raise awareness of this.

I was sure that my Pyramid was broken! What a relief! :sweat:

PSA it is written below record button.