Sending program changes from Hermod


Just ordered an Hermod for a modular system that I’m starting to build. I’d like to control my Digitakt and Digitone with the Hermod as well. Is it possible to have program changes recorded (to change patterns on my Digitakt / Digitone) into an Hermod sequence? That way I could utilize the Digitakt and Digitone’s excellent sequencers in conjunction with the Hermod.

I don’t see anything in the manual besides disabling a filter that allows program changes to come through but I’m hoping there is a way that I can actually have them recorded in a sequence. Thanks!

Just a follow up now that I have the device - it doesn’t seem like this is possible.

Unfortunately it’s not possible, it would be great but it only exists in the « firmware wishlist »… Hermod Firmware Wishlist

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I appreciate the response. Fingers crossed! Would love to use the Hermod to both control my modular setup and send program changes to my Digitakt / Digitone to make up for their missing song modes.

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Machinedrum can change pattern by receiving midi notes. I don’t know if Digitakt can do the same, but It could works. I assigned pattern changes to the very low notes (c0, c#0, d0…) and It seems work fine (but changes are not quantized, It has pros and cons).

p.s.: Sorry for my bad english

At present, Digitakt does not have this feature.