Sending a track to midi A + B but using different channels

hi. first post about the pyramid…
i looked around a bit online and in this forum, but couldn’t find an exact match to my question - sorry if i might have missed it…

wondering if its possible to send (from one track) to midi A channel 1, and midi B channel 2?

i figured out how to link midi out A/B, but i haven’t figured out how to get them to different channel numbers…

if pyramid doesn’t do that, maybe a workaround could be:
controlling say track 1 (midi A channel 1…) and say track 2 (midi B channel 2) from one track…
like assigning, say track 3, to control / play tracks 1 + 2?
is this possible?

thanks for reading.


This is not possible natively on the Pyramid.

That is one possible workaround, if you have Track 3 sending PyraMIDI perhaps on a loopback, but there might be some start/stop issues wrt latency.

Easiest thing is if you use usually layer these two destination synths together is to put them on the same data chain & MIDI Channel and sync their Presets. Next easiest would probably be an Event Processor, but I’m partial to Event Processors.

Absolute easiest thing I guess is to just use both Tracks together and ensure any SEQ that uses them uses both of them.

It most likely comes down to your personal interface with the Pyramid, such as whether you use SEQ Mode or turn Tracks On/Off manually, etc.

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thanks for the response and all the tips, CP!

i thought about the layering idea and setting the channels the same on the synths… but, one synth has two layers (each with their own channel…) and the other synth has four layers (each with their own channel…) and because i’m not set on the sounds / samples (on each of the 6 layers…) was looking for some flexibility of what gets paired with what on the fly. (but, you’re right, i could just very easily reassign the channels per track on the actual synths…)

i don’t really know anything about event processors - i’m gonna look around online.
is there anything you could say / recommend for someone whos never used them?

ok, thank you.


I can relate to your desire to have the flexibility to select layers in your scenario.

I believe the major players in Event Processors might include:

  • blokas MIDIHub
  • BomeBox + MIDI Translator Pro
  • MIDI Solutions Event Processor & Event Processor
  • Retrokits RK-002 Smart MIDI Cable

The first two are extremely powerful. I’m not familiar with the MIDIHub, but I’d suggest the advantages might be ease of programming since it has a GUI point and click interface once connected to a computer. Pros are probably built in Arpeggios and LFOs I think.

I use the second, but I get moderately in depth with Timers, SysEx, RND#'s, routing based on logic, etc. The concept is MIDI Translator Pro Project Files (Presets & Translators), which can run on a computer, can be created/edited and then uploaded to the hardware BomeBox to run in a DAWless & computer free running environment. It may be overpowered for your application, but with Bome any MIDI Event can trigger series of other MIDI Events. Coding an arp or LFO would be a bit more painful, but I’m sure someone has done it. I feed in LFO data from other sources and process it in Bome.

Note: If using Bome, I would probably route the Note Events, ModWheel, PitchBend, etc to all destinations (all 6 layers) but then use a separate MIDI CC that Bome would grab, translate to a ProgramChange message, and send it to the appropriate Channel. So, maybe CC11 will end up being a Program Change for the 2nd Layer, CC12 Program CHange for the 3rd, etc. Then you can control all Program Changes from a single Pyramid Track. Or if you have enough Tracks, just use ‘dummy’ Tracks to send the salient ProgramChange msgs on separate Channels and dupe the Note Events via Translators.

Also, you can d/l a trial version of MIDI Translator Pro, which is the software you create the Translators in on a computer before uloading to a BomeBox. So you can test out what you’re thinking of doing if you have a computer to throw inline with your MIDI data.

On the last two, I’ve never used either. The MIDI Solutions option doesn’t have its own power and runs off the inline MIDI power. I haven’t heard of an issue with Pyramid doing that, but be sure to find a MIDI Solutions box that runs on the lower voltage. Most new ones do now, I think. Also the MIDI Solutions doesn’t have logic, LFOs, etc. I think their manual is posted on their website.

The last one is a ‘smart MIDI Cable’ and seems really great, but requires Arduino coding to make it do things other than the standards. Someday I want to be smrt enough to think I could play with one of those, but that day is not today.

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cp, wow - thank you.

i have some of the midi solutions (1 in - 2 out and 1 in - 4 out…) but, didn’t know about the event processor. i think i’ve seen the bomebox (maybe in a loopop video…) but, didn’t know about MTP.

i’m gonna think on what you said - thank you, again, for such a detailed / helpful response.


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