Send time clock to volca via sync in


I’ve currently bought a pyramid and now wondered how I can send a time clock from the pyramid to a volca bass via the “Sync in” of the volca. I’ve connected the volca to the pyramid via the env-out of the pyramid to the sync-in of the volca and created a track with 8th notes which is routet to the cv/env-Out. It works, but only as long as the sequencer plays. So I WOndered whether there’s a smarter way to sync the VOlca to the Pyramid.

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Yes, in settings you can set the env out to send dinsync, you can have it send it all the time or only when playing, you can set the rate to whatever number of pulses you require iirc sync2 or sync4 are what the volca works at normal tempo rates.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:
The volca now gets a Sync signal but somehow it’s not a straight and stable pulse but it’s somehow random, as if the ENV out was triggered randomly. and what’s also annoying is, that whenever I hit the play or Record button the sync signal gets triggered, is there a possibility to switch that off?

Or is it smarter to write directly to the Squarp-Support?

probably doesn’t hurt to shoot them an email

This isn’t exactly a solution but I’ve found it to be useful. You can use midi B if it’s not used for anything else. Set it to sync + start/stop. Another option I’ve found to be useful (mainly due to the Volca Drum single channel issue) is to use your volca (on B output, by it self) with sync + start/stop enabled and use its sync out to the sync in on the other volca - I do this with my modular volca. Works like a charm, all you need to do is make sure you have a dedicated pattern that is clear so your volca’s sequencer can run a blank sequence to keep timing. It won’t react to start/stop from the pyramid but it’ll be in time whenever you press play.

Sorry for the long response. This is my first actual comment lol. Figured I throw in my 2 cents.