Send start/stop message during playback?

Is it possible to send a start/stop message (in sync) to another synth or drum machine (with an internal sequencer) while keeping the Hapax playing?

Preferably just by launching a certain pattern, so its sequencer will start or stop right in sync when the pattern starts.


Can you do this with a CC command sent to the external device? (does the external advice have a CC mapped to start and stop)?

No, only regular transport messages work

This is currently not possible.

You can send us a feature request through the contact form.


i like the idea… could be useful in certain situations

Yeah, there are multiple reasons I would love to be able to do this. A few of the most important reasons:

  1. To “resync” external gear that you have to stop during a performance: for example, my Roland MC-707 cannot load a new project while the sequencer is running. So I have to press the stop button, then load a new project and then start again. Stopping is not the hardest part, but to make it start exactly in sync with the Hapax is nearly impossible. So sending a start message from Hapax exactly at the start of a bar would be perfect to make it start the new project again in sync when loading is finished.

  2. Just to have control over external sequencers using Hapax: for example, I love to use the internal sequencer of my Behringer TD-3, as the original 303 sequencer is prone to create happy accidents. But it would be great if the Hapax is able to determine WHEN it should start and stop running, so you can still use Hapax to control it, and even use the Song mode of Hapax in combination with the external sequencer.

Will send a feature request.

I have been thinking a little bit more about this:

As far as I know, transport messages are not midi channel dependant. So IF this would be implemented, it would only allow for a start/stop message to be sent to a specific midi port. This might limit the use of the feature and may be harder to implement in a logical way.

For this reason, I think it makes sense to simplify my feature request to just a resync feature:
Currently (IIRC - not home ATM) it is possible to press Start while Hapax is already running. This already does send a new (Stop? and) Start message to all connected gear. BUT, this is NOT synced to the beat, so you have to hit the start button at the exact right moment.

An option to make this synced to the clock of Hapax, would already be a good way to restart external gear locked to the beat. So when you press start, it would have to wait until the start of a new bar, just like launching patterns.

Before I will send this as a feature request, I would love to hear other’s opinion about this.

Am curious if this feature request has ever been implemented?

Would like to control other sequencers too using clock start/stop messages from the HAPAX, (e.g. Five12 Vector, OXI 1, etc…)

EDIT: To clarify this a little more, right now start/stop messages do control other external sequences using HAPAX’s transport keys (which is a good start) but it would be great if I could send start/stop messages using steps. Maybe this could be achieved using something like Midihub … will need to research this a bit more.


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Since Start/Stop is not bound to a Midi-Channel, I think it’s the job of the synthesizer manufacturer to implement this via CC or NRPN. For example my Sequential Synths Pro3 and Rev2 can play and stop their sequence with NRPN 4188 (Pro3) and NRPN 1088 (Rev2).