Send reset gate on stop?

Hi guys,

long time lurker, first time questioner. Hopefully someone can assist with my predicament…

I use a Squarp Pyramid as my main sequencer, synced with Ableton as the master clock. I’m coming out of the assignable CV Env on the Pyramid to the clock in of my Varigate 4+ sequencer in my Eurorack rig and it’s clocking nicely using the DIN sync assignment. I’ve then got the gate out of the Pyramid cabled to the reset on the Varigate with a single note playing at the start of every 4 bars to start the Varigate sequence in time with the rest of my gear.

The problem is that it appears that the Varigate actually wants a reset on master clock stop rather than at the start so the first step on all Varigate channels is playing from the reset gate when I don’t want it to.

Is there any way to send a reset gate when the pyramid stops?

I’d be happy to send gate to the Varigate clock and use the CV Env to send the reset if that’s an option, but I can’t work out how to get that working.


Bump, in case anyone has any idea before I give up on this thing.

I use Pyramid with CV/Gate and Midi devices. I don’t use a computer to perform or record music.
I have not encountered this problem, but I do have a similar issue with various modules.

For Example:
The Grayscale Algorhythm is a superb little gate sequencer, and I use it in every patch, and at every live set.
Couldn’t live without it.
But it doesn’t reset, or start, or stop along with the clocks unless I patch it correctly to do so.

Since the Pyramid only has one CV/Gate/Envelope output, I actually use those outs for utilities (like sending a master gate clock out of the Envelope etc.) For a variety of control I actually send a midi cannel dedicated to the uMIDI module in my main case.

This module allows me to send two more clocks, a run/stop, 1 more pitch and gate, velocity, modulation, cc, triggering pitch. This way It’s easy to mult any number of things, and get the Algorhythm starting, stopping and clocking with everything else. So my suggestion for the best results would be to follow my lead, and use a little more elaborate midi module to connect with the pyramid for much more control.

However, that sucks right? You have this awesome pyramid and you want it to work with your gear.I totally understand.

If you’re open to using the CV/Gate/Env outputs on Pyramid for other purposes as I do, then you might be able to send the Varigate a gate from the Pyramid to the reset in order to get it starting when the Pyramid starts (I do this with the Algorythm) but to be fair, the Algorhythm starts and stops when clock is present - so just sending it a clock will start and stop it. It’s the Reset that’s needed to keep it in time.

I don’t have a Varigate 4, but the idea is basically very similar, and if the clock starts and stops with the appearance of clock at the CLK port, then you’re in business, and all you really need is to send a reset. This could be any gate from anywhere. But try this:

Mult your clock out of the ENV port, and send one of them into the Varigate
Now create a track that’s a CV/Gate track and place a note at position 1.1.0
Connect the Gate output of the Pyramid to the Reset input of the Varigate.

Press play.

If the Varigate behaves like the Algorhythm at all, then you should experience the module starting with everything else, and then when you press stop, it should stop.
And when the track with you gate pulse comes around again, it should reset to 1.1.0 internally.

This should solve your problems (if it works.)

Give it a try and please report back. Don’t give up. There are many ways to get things done, and half the fun (for me) is exploring and figuring it out.

Hi Sunshine, thanks for the response.

Unfortunately that’s exactly what I’m doing and the Varigate is starting in sync and running fine. The problem is that the reset on 1.1.0 triggers all channels on the varigate so I get phantom triggers from the Varigate. For example, I have a hi-hat only on 1.1.3 but it triggers on both 1.1.0 and 1.1.3 because of the reset.

In my research as to why that is, I’m told that the Varigate expects a reset on a stop signal from the master clock, in this case the Pyramid, rather than at the start of a sequence so that the Varigate is already reset when the clock restarts. I can’t work out any way to do that with the Pyramid.

I’m considering an E-RM Multiclock with the modular whip to attempt to solve this but it’s not exactly the cheapest of solutions.

i have a varigate 4+ and a pyramid and have come up against the same situation. i solved this by getting a cv.ocd that i use with one of the pyramid midi outputs. this lets me easily send clock, reset, and any arbitrary clock division from it’s 1/8" outputs. that also lets me focus on using the cv/gate outputs of the pyramid for melodic sequences. it works very well.


That looks awesome actually. Just been reading through the manual. In the gate you config for the reset, I presume you use the ‘Transport Stop’ option to send the gate?

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Great solution! I love the look of that CV.OCD!

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Exactly. It’s super easy to configure and very flexible. I ended up selling a midi to cv module that was half of the i/o and feature set but 3x the cost. And now I have more hp available (well i did…you know how it goes).

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It works really well and is very compact. Crazy value really.

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I just purchased a hermod and was gonna replace my yarns with this but the fact it does t send a reset output really messes me. Anyone have an idea if they will add this? If not it’s getting returned tomorrow.