Send reset clock when slaved


My Pyramid behaves pretty strange when slaved to an external clock, and I couldn’t find anything online about it… Setup:

PC —(clock)–> Pyramid —(midi & clock)–> synth & drum machine

  • Good: pressing PLAY on the Pyramid automatically resets the clock/player to the start position, both on the Pyramid as well as on the drum machine.
  • Unfortunate: pressing PLAY on my PC starts the Pyramid + drum machine wherever they stopped.
  • Good: one can simply press STOP on the Pyramid to reset to the start position.
  • Bad: this only resets the Pyramid but not the drum machine to the start position. So they will be horribly out of sync. The only way to reset the drum machine seems to be to press PLAY, but then it starts running so it won’t be at the start position after some ms’s.

Does anyone know how to have the pyramid send a reset signal over midi without starting the sequencer? Or to automatically reset the clock when receiving a start clock signal? Thanks in advance!

(PyraOS 3.23,
PC->Pyramid over midi or USB, doesn’t make a difference,
Pyramid to drum machine over midi)

there is a general convention on daws/sequencers (& pyramid follow this)

  • pressing stop once is ‘pause’ and so MIDI CONTINUE is sent to resume
  • pressing stop twice is ‘reset’ and so MIDI START is sent to play from beginning.

so :
(b) try pressing stop twice on your daw
note: check your daws option, it may have options to alter this behaviour.

(d) press stop twice on pyramid.
you can alter this behaviour on Pyramid -> SETTINGS->MISC -> PLAY PAD

Thanks for the quick reply Technobear! I didn’t know about that option. But it was set to play/restart, and I think that’s what I want it to be.
I can’t get my DAW to send a double-stop, but pressing double stop on the Pyramid works fine: it resets the player location to the start, but still doesn’t reset not the drum machine…

(I know the problem must be in the Pyramid, because and not with the drum machine, because pressing play on the Pyramid does reset the drum machine to the start)

Your help is highly appreciated

I didn’t say send double stop ( that’s not part of midi standard) I said this is the way daws often implement a reset - but depends on your daw.
You didn’t say which daw you use.

As far as I’ve seen this all works fine , eg I use a daw , pyramid, Hermod and octatrack … and they all reset when I expect them to.

Note: I only expect the reset to occur from the master clock/transport.
( though I do sometimes pause individual instruments, as a lazy way to solo :wink: )

Great, it works when I reset the clock on the DAW!

It still seems strange that pressing double-stop on the pyramid resets the pyramid clock but not the drum machine, but this is only a problem when slaved to a DAW, in which case I can reset the clock on the DAW. You have a point that it’s more logical to reset from the master clock. Thanks for your help technobear!

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@MDTF , I took a bit of a ‘deep dive’ into how a few daws are working, STOP and CONTINUE work.

the following post (and one after it) and then associated bug report,
explain how things should work, and how in reality they work in different daws.

note: I found in different daws/sequencers how ‘continue’ transport is selected, is very different - also daws vary widely on how they need to be setup to do this.
e.g. ableton use shift+space for continue, but Cubase defaults to continue rather than reset.

I finally discovered that the problem was in my DAW (Ardour) after all. It seems that resetting to the beginning of the song resets all clocks fine, but resetting to an different ‘start’ marker somehow doesn’t.

I still think it’s undesirable behaviour of the Pyramid that pressing STOP on the Pyramid resets the sequencer but not the clocks of the attached instruments. But you convinced me to only control the clock from the master, which works fine (as long as I reset to the beginning of the song), so there’s really not a problem. Thanks again!