Send notes to different MIDI channels


Is is there a way to send incoming notes from a Midi keyboard to different Midi channels (Midi Out)?

note 1 -> channel 1
note 2 -> channel 2
note 3 -> channel 3
note 4 -> channel 4
note 5 -> channel 1
note 6 -> channel 2


Yes, but not with the Pyramid (or Hermod for that matter).

The generic answer is that you’ll need a MIDI-processor/filter for that, they are available both in software and hardware. I suppose there could be MIDI keyboards on the market that natively support splitting which is fundamentally the same thing, but that’d likely be limited to something like 1-3 split points.


I have been trying to find it, but id swear i had run across a homebrew or kit device that does exactly that.

So - something is out there to do that, or something very similar, out there.

If i did in fact bookmark it and find it, I’ll post a link.