Send notes to different MIDI channels

Is is there a way to send incoming notes from a Midi keyboard to different Midi channels (Midi Out)?

note 1 -> channel 1
note 2 -> channel 2
note 3 -> channel 3
note 4 -> channel 4
note 5 -> channel 1
note 6 -> channel 2

Yes, but not with the Pyramid (or Hermod for that matter).

The generic answer is that you’ll need a MIDI-processor/filter for that, they are available both in software and hardware. I suppose there could be MIDI keyboards on the market that natively support splitting which is fundamentally the same thing, but that’d likely be limited to something like 1-3 split points.

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I have been trying to find it, but id swear i had run across a homebrew or kit device that does exactly that.

So - something is out there to do that, or something very similar, out there.

If i did in fact bookmark it and find it, I’ll post a link.


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I currently use one extensively with a pretty severe set of scripts.

But there is a device out there that doesnt require pgmg that accomplishes this task which is significantly cheaper and lesd time consuming than purchasing a BomeBox and learning MTPro.

Yeah there was a hardware box called something like ‘distributor’ , that would do this. Can’t remember who it was by, how much it was, or if it still exists though :slight_smile:

It would be trivial to do this with an Arduino. About 20 euros

Or, if you have no coding skills you could also do this with an axoloti. ( About 70 euros.

Apart from that bomebox or blokas midihub could do it.

Edit : doh just noticed we are responding to a 12month old question :wink:


Im intimidated by Axoloti.
It looks sexy.
But out of my league. :frowning:

Yeah, it’s useful info though :wink:

axoloti is one of the best pieces of gear i ever got.

despite the fact that my use of Axoloti is rather unusual — i use it for MIDI processing jobs only. (not quite what it was designed for)

and even managed to code some objects using primarily copy/paste method (because i don’t know C).

so, it’s not that complicated as it looks.

i can imagine my live rig without any piece of gear but two — Axoloti and Launchpad Pro. Axo is where magick happens — it turns LP Pro into universal input device with my own very special layouts. in particular, it sends notes to different channels, because drum modules mostly work like that.

It sounds like you use the Axoloti the way I use my BomeBox. Nice!

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yes, but Axoloti is capable of doing really sophisticated things.