Send cv clock to tanzbar?

Hi squarpers
Pls help?
I want to send cv clock from pyramid to tanzbar.
Track 1: cv env out (assigned to start)
Tanzbar: start (set to input)
No action.
Any ideas?

Have you checked this out? then scroll down to “ASSIGN ENV OUT TO” and set to DIN SYNC.

Here’s an excerpt that describes this function: Selects if the CV ENV outputs the note velocity, the pitch, the aftertouch (channel pressure) or the modulation of the CV track. You can assign the CV ENV output to the DIN SYNC clock, to easily sync your modular system with a mini jack. If START is selected, Pyramid will send a start level (high level) when it"s playing, and a stop level (low level) when it"s stopped.

If DYN SYNC+START is selected, same behaviour as DYN SYNC, but the START level will be sent on the GATE output.

Thank you.
So with those setting i go out from pyramid gate out to tanzbar start in?

With those settings the clock is sent out the Pyramid ENV jack. I don’t own a Tanzbar but try connecting Pyramid ENV to the Sync/Start socket and make sure that it’s configured as an Input.

Scanning thru Tanzbar manual it mentions “Please note: If these sockets are set up as inputs, Tanzbär will be synchronized resp. ”slaved“ to an external clock source. The Play button will have no function in this case.”

Yeah that’s what i tried.