Send Clock during load hiccup

First I want to say how grateful I am for the new 3.0 features. Just a fantastic early holiday gift!

The new feature list is amazing, but what really blew me away is “Send clock when loading a project”. This is revolutionary. Lots of users out there are using some kind of loop recording solution for transitions but this could potentially eliminate the need!

I’ve only tested it out a few times so far so I am hoping I’ve done something in error. But, when you click on the menu encoder to load a different project the other devices running on their own internal sequences (e.g. Korg Monologue, Roland TR8S) have a momentary hiccup, or pause in their sequence. Everything does stay in sync when the new project starts playing.

Try to clear the SD card.
In my experience when you press “load” Pyramid populates the list. The more projects you have on the card, the longer the load. When I have only few projects in the card, everything is snappy.

Hope this helps :wink:

I reduced the number of projects down to 5 and I still hear a hiccup when pressing the menu encoder for ‘Load Project’.

Anyone else try this?

I spoke to a friend today who owns Hermod and he said that this was fixed in an update and should be solved in an update to Pyra 3.0. Can someone on the Squarp team confirm?

Hey :slight_smile: did you resolve this issue ? My SD card has only 3 project and I’m having the same trouble ; if it persist I’ll ending up putting the pyramid in slave below my drum machine so at least the drum wil be going while I load new project ;

hey, i wrote the folks at squarp because I too experienced the hiccup. While they suggested to format the card, they also suggested I could get a faster sd card. I bought the faster sd card and my load-hiccup went away, so now I can connect multiple songs in a more sane way.


Very glad for you thank you for sharing :slight_smile: ! I’ll get a proper SD card too (btw were you using the squarp SD card ?)

I also noticed that I had a little clock drifting each time I enter the load menu, did you experiment that as well ?

nope, i was using an sd card I had for a while. Something I bought for my DLSR and re-purposed. When I went to the store I found that modern SD cards were quite a bit faster than the one I was using, and not too expensive so I picked one up. When I tried it in the squarp the hiccups got a lot better.

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cool thank you for sharing !