Send ASSIGN values?

When I assign a knobs in the ASSIGN screen, change their values, and save the project, the values of those knobs in the ASSIGN screen is saved, too. But when I load the project, those values are never sent over MIDI. Is there a way to force them to be sent?

So if I open a project, ASSIGN the first knob to CC7, turn it until its value is 10, the volume of my connected device is now “10”. I save the project and turn everything off.

Next day I turn everything back on, load my project, and the ASSIGN window still shows the first knob assigned to CC7 and with a value of 10. But my connected device was never sent a “10” over CC7. It’s still playing at default volume.

I would expect these values to be sent on project load or on a double-tap-stop or something. But maybe there’s some other trick I’m missing? Or putting a CC7 value in autom the only solution?

Sounds like a bug, I’ll open a ticket.