Selecting Patterns via MIDI IN

Greetings, n00b Pyramidian (?) here.

A few hours into this device and I’m excited - so easy to use. Makes sense to me.

Regarding Selecting Tracks/Sequences via MIDI IN & the MIDI Implementation:

I can select Tracks via MIDI IN, but there’s no indication on the MIDI Implementation Chart about selecting a specific Pattern (of that Track) via MIDI. Anyone run across the proper CC/MIDI Notes?

For reference - MIDI Implementation Chart

UPDATE (if someone is scrolling the Topics and has the same question):

Per a post via the FB user group, Pyramid (at this time) cannot select Patterns via MIDI.

The extremely simple workaround is to trigger the Sequences with your preferred Patterns via MIDI, of course - and select the Sequences via MIDI (CC#69 where value=Sequence #) or turning tracks On/Off via Note On/Off or CC value (see MIDI Implementation Chart)

A sexy option would be Note On = Track & Velocity value = Pattern (since Velocity is part of the Note On/Note Off MIDI Message)


I think that this feature ( selecting a pattern using velocity value ) could be a huge helper when triggering events from external equipment.

this actually will be really useful.
I hope pyramid team is going to implement this.