Select track & toggle record via midi

Hello there!

I just lately discovered how cool it is, that you can just plug in a midi controller into Hermod!
But I ran straight into a few slightly annoying things.

Is there a way to select Channels via midi CC?
and has anyone figured out a way to toggle record via midi?
That would be a huge thing for me right now!

Thanks for any feedback on this : )

no it’s not possible.
I don’t think changing (input) midi channels by sending midi CCs would be very logical :wink:
(since they need to be sent on a midi channel)

but it is indeed a pity we don’t generally have a bit more control over the hermod, so things like record/switching tracks on the hermod (as we do on the Pyramid via pyraMidi)

really the only things we can do are :
a) change FX parameters via mod matrix using CC (or CV)
b) change SEQ via Mod Matrix
c) change SEQ via program change msgs

(a) might allow you to change the OUTPUT midi channel on the midi FX.

(b and c) changing the sequence is actually very powerful, since the Hermod stores almost everything in a sequence… so that could be a way of changing midi channels (iirc)

toggling record via midi is definitely a useful feature thats missing…
when I need this, I resort to using CV , settings → CV TRANSPORT → CV REC A

if you have ideas for feature requests please send them via the contact form

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Sorry, I meant tracks! selecting Tracks would be super dope!

I use the novation launchkey MK3 and it has two rows of 8 pads.
It would be so cool, to select Tracks with the upper row and then
play whatever belongs in that track either on the keyboard or the other row of pads…
That would make a very powerful 8 track midi looper Station.

What a pity indeed!
I’ll try sending a feature request, but I think they’re rather working on Hapax right now : ))

I use different midi channels for each (hermod) track to accomplish this.

as I say, this (selecting tracks) is possible on the pyramid using pyraMidi, but actually I found this more cumbersome than using a different midi channel for each track.
of course, this depends a bit on midi controller, and how easy they make it to select a different midi channel… but it works for my setup.

btw: a workaround for now could be to get a ‘midi processor’…
something like a Blokas MidiHub, these can transform midi messages , so can make it so that pressing a pad on your launchkey would mean that midi messages were sent on different midi channels
these midi processors can do lots of different things, and I find them really useful in lots of different scenarios… a good thing to have in your toolbox!

(there are many midi processors out there including midihub, the RK002 and others)

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I actually have the MidiHub burried inside my modular case : )
but it already does a lot of different stuff…
The novation Launchkey allthough can do a lot of separate channels per pad
and per encoder & stuff too; they have a great controller editor. (hallelujah)

So, multitrack recording is possible on Hermod, if I remember correctly?
(wasn’t it some weird Button-Karate special move to enable that?)

And in that case I would just have to constantly switch midi out channels on the Keyboard…
Manageable. not as elegant as what I wanted to do, but manageable.

…although it would still be cool to toggle that record (or Multitrack Record) on/off via midi : (

Thanks a lot for the inputs! : )

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