SD Cards & Formatting?


I have tried four different SD cards with Pyramid (OS 3.1) - without any success. Which SD cards are compatible with Pyramid and what formatting is required? The manual is silent…


My current work card is Sandisk Extreme Pro 32g. Perf card is Sandisk Extreme Pro 16g. Backups are all Kingston 32g

Pretty sure all are formatted FAT32

When you say “without any success”:

  • do you get an error msg?
  • what brands/formats have you tried?
  • does the pyramid work as expected otherwise (with a non-working card or without)
  • does the unit just not turn on then?


Funny enough, it now works with one of the cards that were not recognized.
I have some strange power supply issues, not sure what is going. Maybe SD card access does not work when problems with power supply, that would make sense.